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Training Services

Firearms Compliance Training

JJM Security is accredited by SASSETA, PFTC and SAPS offering Skills Program in Firearm Training. We offer SAQA and SASSETA accredited Qualifications ranging from:

  • Handgun Training
  • Shotgun Training
  • All Categories on NKP
  • Loading Rifle Manually
  • Rifle and Carbine Self-Loading
  • Reg 21(viii) & s(xi) Theory and Practical
  • All Tactical Categories

This Qualification enables the Learner to have legal accreditation to work with or be in possession of a firearm to perform daily duties. The training covers various Sections and Regulations of the Firearms Control Act of 60/2000, equipping the learner with knowledge of when, where and how to handle a firearm.


JJM Security offers the following range of PSIRA and SASSETA accredited programs:

  • Grades E to A
  • Response Security Officer
  • Cash in Transit (CIT)
  • Hotel Security
  • Special Events
  • Banking Security
  • Reg 21(viii) & s(xi) Theory and Practical

These are compliance Certificate Programs that can enable one to enter the Private Security Industry.


JJM Security offers the following qualifications:

National Certificate: GSP – General Security Practices ID: 58577 NQF level 3
Further Education and Training Certificate Specialist Security Practices ID: 57713 NQF levels 4
Skills Program 1 (Patrol Security Officer)
Skills Program 2 (Access Control Security Officer)
Skills Program 3 (Asset and Reaction Security Officer)
Skills Program 4 (Security Supervision)
Skills Program 5 (Security Management)

The outcome of these qualifications will enable the learner to perform functions either as a Patrol Security Officer, Access Control Officer or Asset Protection Officer.

These qualifications also prepare the Security Officer or Learner for a formal career direction into Policing, Traffic Policing, and Correctional Services, Legal and Para-legal services or the National Intelligence unlike the PSIRA compliance certificate that enables you only to work in the Private Security Industry.

The curriculum in these qualifications is recognized nationally/internationally through SAQA unlike the PSIRA certification which is only recognized locally and domesticated to PSIRA service providers.

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