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Training Services

Firearms Compliance Training

JJM Security is accredited by SASSETA, PFTC and SAPS offering Skills Program in Firearm Training. We offer SAQA and SASSETA accredited Qualifications ranging from:

  • Handgun Training
  • Shotgun Training
  • All Categories on NKP
  • Loading Rifle Manually
  • Rifle and Carbine Self-Loading
  • Reg 21(viii) & s(xi) Theory and Practical
  • All Tactical Categories

This Qualification enables the Learner to have legal accreditation to work with or be in possession of a firearm to perform daily duties. The training covers various Sections and Regulations of the Firearms Control Act of 60/2000, equipping the learner with knowledge of when, where and how to handle a firearm.


JJM Security offers the following range of PSIRA and SASSETA accredited programs:

  • Grades E to A
  • Response Security Officer
  • Cash in Transit (CIT)
  • Hotel Security
  • Special Events
  • Banking Security
  • Reg 21(viii) & s(xi) Theory and Practical

These are compliance Certificate Programs that can enable one to enter the Private Security Industry.


JJM Security offers the following qualifications:

National Certificate: GSP – General Security Practices ID: 58577 NQF level 3
Further Education and Training Certificate Specialist Security Practices ID: 57713 NQF levels 4
Skills Program 1 (Patrol Security Officer)
Skills Program 2 (Access Control Security Officer)
Skills Program 3 (Asset and Reaction Security Officer)
Skills Program 4 (Security Supervision)
Skills Program 5 (Security Management)

The outcome of these qualifications will enable the learner to perform functions either as a Patrol Security Officer, Access Control Officer or Asset Protection Officer.

These qualifications also prepare the Security Officer or Learner for a formal career direction into Policing, Traffic Policing, and Correctional Services, Legal and Para-legal services or the National Intelligence unlike the PSIRA compliance certificate that enables you only to work in the Private Security Industry.

The curriculum in these qualifications is recognized nationally/internationally through SAQA unlike the PSIRA certification which is only recognized locally and domesticated to PSIRA service providers.

SASSETA Peace Officer & Traffic Law Enforcement

This training programme of Cross Border Road Traffic Law Enforcement has been designed and developed with the necessary skills and technical know-how in the industry. The movement of people and goods between South Africa and its neighbouring countries has increased in recent years tremendously. The formation of the Southern Africa Development Community –SADC has necessitated the signing of series of bilateral agreements between South Africa and the rest of the SADC regions.

The study units and modules enshrined in this material reflect the need to improve the unimpeded flow of goods and services and people within the SADC region. This material is aimed at equipping officers with the necessary skills and competence in providing coordinated provisions, regulations, facilitations and General Law enforcement with regards to Cross-border road transport.

The purpose of this learning is that learners are capable of understanding the relevant sections and regulations contained in the criminal procedure legislation pertaining to peace officers.

The unit standard will enable learners to apply the applicable legislation by enforcing the provisions of the legislation, teaching the public and leading by example. This unit standard also allows for transformation of the status of a peace officer and a traffic warden, as learners become models for other learners. This attracts quality people and allows for the aspirations of people to be part of the authorized officers. This unit standard caters for both peace officer and traffic warden and includes the bylaws of the specific organization or authority.

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